Posted by Deb Smith | News | February 08, 2019

Of course, nobody enjoys seeing one of those little signals light up on their car’s dash, but swing that problem around, and at least it’s good to know when there’s something wrong with your car!

A Picture (On Your Dash) Paints A Thousand Words!

The great thing about the car letting you know, is it means you don’t have to compromise the performance of the car, or more importantly, the safety of you, your family and everyone on the road.

Warning and signal lights do differ from car to car, but some of the main ones to look out for are:

  • The glowing red thermometer – it’s telling you the car’s radiator isn’t cooling the engine – a big one never to ignore under any circumstances.
  • Next we have the funny looking “U” shape, with an “!” in the middle of it. This one’s telling you that you’ve got a tyre that’s losing air – also an important one never to ignore.  Tyres are what are keeping you on the road, literally!
  • Then we have what looks like a genie lamp – your oil light. This one can mean either an oil pressure issue or you’re running low on oil, and this is also an important one not to gloss over… your engine needs lubrication to work properly, and oil is exactly that lubrication.

As a European car care specialist, we only use premium quality Liqui-Moly oils, as they are specifically designed for use in high performance and Euro vehicles.

If you have a signal light on your dash that you’re not sure about, or you need to get checked out, we’re always happy to help.

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