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Tyres are potentially the most under-rated and under-valued part of any car.

Quite simply, they’ve been designed for an enormously important reason – to keep you on the road.

Bald Tyres – the biggest NO NO of them all!

The grooves you see are there to get water out of the way on wet roads, like drainage channels, moving water out from under the tyre’s surface to allow the rubber to hold onto the road a whole lot better.

The depth of the groove also indicates how healthy your tyres are.  Heathy grooves mean healthy rubber constantly in contact and able to grip the road – those tyres are all that’s holding your car firmly down on the road’s surface.




So if you ever let your tyres go bald, you’d run out of quality rubber holding onto the tarmac, which will potentially send you skidding into the car in front, or into the middle of an intersection.  Bald tyres are one of the major causes of car accidents, in wet and dry conditions – put simply, they are an absolute NO NO!

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Tyre pressures are also important and can vary depending what kind of driving you’re doing.

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