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Meatloaf once warbled “you can see paradise by the dashboard light”. For some, it is paradise when none of them stay on once an engine has been started. It isn’t paradise when one or more come on, especially it’s the one that says minus four degrees and people think it’s a sign the car is about to, ahem, crap itself...

Deciphering Dashboard Lights

In honesty, in the modern car the dashboard light provides an instant diagnosis and/or warning of a potential problem. Here’s what some of them mean for you and your car.


A U-shaped icon with an exclamation mark is the tyre pressure sensor warning light. This one is simple: find a service station and check all four tyres. Some cars have a readout in a dashboard screen that shows the four pressure levels and may help narrow down which corner needs attention.

If it’s the icon that looks like Aladdin’s lamp, it’s likely to indicate that the engine’s oil pressure is low. Apart from a top-up, it’s worth getting the engine bay checked out in case there’s a physical issue.

An upside-down microphone with three legs, sailing on a red sea? That’s the engine’s way of saying it’s close to losing its cool. Best option here is to find a safe place to pull over, open the bonnet, and turn the engine off. Do NOT release the radiator’s cap.

A battery icon is also self explanatory. This could mean the battery itself is failing or an associated system is causing problems. This one is best attended to pronto, especially in newer cars with high drainage items like touchscreens or light bars.

If you’re in a diesel and see something like an inverted Woolworths “W”, that’s related to the diesel engine’s ignition system. Called a glow plug, it assists in firing up a diesel and if this is showing, it may indicate the plug is failing and that means the engine will be harder or fail to start.

Should an icon that looks like an engine illuminate, it is crucial that you make a booking with your EuroMechanica workshop as soon as possible. Our technicians will use the latest training and equipment to diagnose what’s not working inside the “donk”. Prompt attention to any light that stays on within the display could mean some serious dollars won’t have to be spent.

A quick phone or a visit to the online booking portal and half of the problem is solved! Get in touch by clicking the Book Now button at the top of this page, or call to book an appointment.


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