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Ever walked out to the car, got in, turned the key or pressed the start button, only to find a dull whirr or worse, nothing at all? Having a dead battery is a frustrating, annoying experience, but it’s also a warning.

On The Charge - Dead Battery?

Clearly something has gone awry and the charge has disappeared like a beer in a country pub on a Friday afternoon.

Investing in a battery charger is a great idea, and not necessarily for the obvious reason. The charger has a gauge on the front and this can give an idea of just how much remaining charge there is. A good quality charger can help bring a battery back to life fairly quickly, however if the battery itself is an older one, the chemicals inside may have reached the end of their useful life.

There are warning signs that we can look out for too. If the lights dim, or the engine’s starter motor seems to take longer and longer to fire up the engine, it’s a possibility that the battery is wearing out.

When replacing a battery it’s best to get a battery that is at least rated as the same output, and this is something called amp/hours. This figure should be located on the label.

A visit to an automotive electrician should be another step, where they can measure the output from the car’s alternator, and check for electrical leaks.


A little self maintenance can be done as well. If the car is used sparingly, detaching one of the terminals to break the circuit will stop any drain. Keep the terminals clean as dirt can affect the connection and not allow full charge to pass through. And if the battery isn’t a fully sealed item, and has cell covers that can be removed, some distilled water gently poured in will keep the battery’s fluid levels up over the plates inside. ALWAYS do anything like this in a well ventilated area.

EuroMechanica workshops are always ready to check your car’s battery and electrical system. If you’re unsure about the status of your charging system and battery, get in touch by clicking the Book Now button at the top of this page, or call to book an appointment today!


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