Posted by Deb Smith | News | March 07, 2019

We all know Aussie summers can be stinkers. We don’t like it, and our Euro cars don’t like it either, especially if their own cooling system isn’t feeling good.

Engine Overheating?

If your car’s been struggling in the heat, it could be a sign that something’s gone awry in the cooling system.  It’s critical for your engine to operate at a relatively constant and suitable temperature for good fuel economy, engine performance and proper emissions control.

If the situation is left to get out of hand and the engine overheats, you’ll first notice that your engine starts to lose power as the heat and pressure combination exceeds the octane rating of the fuel. If left, this can lead to damage to the rings, pistons or rod bearings. If left even longer, you could end up with a blown head gasket, and fluid leaks throughout. The longer left, the more issues develop and the more expensive it is to rectify.

There are a few items to check over in the cooling system, but it’s not a time-consuming task to diagnose, so even if you’re in a rush, we can look into it quickly to give you an idea of what needs to be done to resolve the issue.

If you’re planning on checking things out yourself, there are a couple of points we’d recommend you do to protect your safety, and your car’s.

  • The first is to never check your car’s fluid levels when the engine is hot. Removing the radiator cap on a hot engine can be extremely dangerous as pressure behind the cap can blow the fluid up and out, potentially burning your arms and face.
  • The second recommendation is to never use water on its own in the radiator, as water alone will not protect your vehicle adequately. As your local European car specialist, we recommend just the right radiator fluid combination that will ensure your car, and you, will stay cool when things get hot.

Here at your local EuroMechanica Specialist European Workshop, we can quickly and easily answer any questions you may have about maintaining your engine’s cooling system, or how to best look after it to make sure it doesn’t overheat.

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