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A car’s headlights were once a bulb inside a metal cover, shielded by a glass lens. Some cars may still have that but more commonly they’ll be made of a thick plastic.

Headlight Cleaning & Care

Over time and with exposure to the sun and elements, these can cloud over, like a dirty windscreen.

This can potentially lead to a lack of light spread at night, leading to a lack of clear forward vision. However, easy fixes are available.

Common household items such as toothpaste, bicarb soda or baking powder, and discarded household cloths, can be used to effectively polish off the discoloured surface. A mix of water and bicarb, or a thicker mix of water and toothpaste, applied to the cloth and gently, one section at a time, polish away the rough surface.


There are also kits available from aftermarket retailers that will essentially apply the same process, but the crucial factors are time and patience, along with not pressing the mix too hard into the polycarbonates that make up the lens covers.

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