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Of the surveys that seem to occur a few times a year about the driving habits that people find annoying, there are a consistent few that pop up. Tailgating, failure to indicate, and failure to use headlights properly are common.
Headlights make up a small part of a car or truck or any sort of motorised vehicle. But their importance in the parts of a car that make up the safety factor cannot be underestimated.

Headlights - Lighting The Path

Nearly every car has a design in the engine bay that allows for easy access to the inner workings of a headlight. So if you’re driving at night and suddenly realise that one side of the road is darker than the other, it means you can pop into your local automotive spare parts store or book an appointment at your friendly EuroMechanica branch to get this checked out.

It has to be said that this applies mainly to the “older” globe lit headlights. And here a little investigation can help. There are different shapes and models for the globes, and your car’s user manual should have the right information. Otherwise, contact your car’s manufacturer or sales branch.

Another part of looking after the lights is the actual covers. It’s rare to see a glass lens unless it’s a car of maybe thirty years of age and older, so the lens itself is generally a strong, transparent, form of plastic. Some of these will fade and blur over time thanks to the sun’s ultra-violet light damaging these in much the same way our skin gets sunburn.

There are pastes, flexible sticks of a fine abrasive material, and micro-fibre cloths that are available and work in a similar manner to polishing a car. And finally, to help stop physical damage, headlight covers are available that will take the impact of dirt and stones thrown up from the vehicles ahead.

If you’re unsure about the status of your headlights, globes or are concerned with any other aspects of your vehicle, get in touch by clicking the Book Now button at the top of this page, or call to book an appointment today!


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