Posted by Deb Smith | News | February 01, 2019

You’ve bought your new premium European car, driven around for a few months and now it’s time for your first service….

And you’re now wondering if you need to go back to the dealership you bought from…

New Car & In-Warranty Servicing With Us

School’s back and 2019 is in full swing, and it might just be they’re too far away to get to now.  Or maybe you just can’t book in at a time that you want…

So the question arises - can you bring your car to us, an independent European Specialist Workshop, and not void your manufacturer’s warranty?

The answer is absolutely, yes you can – as described further in this article.

It’s likely that the dealership likes to keep your car on record as being serviced by them; just in case the unthinkable happened and a warranty claim was lodged...

However, we, as a Specialty European Service Center, staffed with passionate and highly experienced technicians, as well as second-to-none diagnostic and service technology, ensure that your European vehicle is serviced to at least the same standards as the dealership, and in some cases better, because of our highly qualified and experienced mechanics.


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Not only that, but if you want us to talk you through the ins and outs of your vehicle’s servicing before we go ahead with the work, we’re more than happy to – we want you get the peace of mind that your car is being looked after.

We use recommended factory parts for your vehicle as well Germany’s #1 brand of premium-quality lubricants, additives and service products, Liqui-Moly.

We are also a proud member of Australia’s largest specialist European car servicing network, EuroMechanica, because we are passionate about European vehicles. It’s our pride and privilege to ensure your European car comes back to you in factory fresh condition.

Make a booking online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by clicking the Book Now button above, or call anytime to speak to us about your servicing needs.





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