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In the greater scheme of things, there are three kinds of cars:
• Technological leaders;
• Cheap and cheerful;
• Comfortable and efficient.

Oddities of Older Euro Cars

Over the years, European cars have often been pioneers in bringing new levels of technology and comfort “to the masses”.Buyers of European cars often do, it’s fair to say, have higher expectations of comfort, features, ride, and handling. And there’s no doubt why – these are all fun and rewarding elements of your prized vehicle, but they can also mean long term service and maintenance costs are higher than cars from non-Euro makers.

Often being more complex as a result of using newer components and technology, you could end up finding some parts are more prone to failure. Areas such as suspension, for example, due to the design and engineering, are worth watching. Parts, and even the kind of suspension such as older airbag styles, will need monitoring simply due to the level of engineering applied at the time compared to the more advanced methods available now.

Another interesting aspect of some Euro cars is the electronics. European cars of bygone eras often get a bad rap when it comes to electrics. Always best to bring your vehicle in for a check over if various electronic components begin to play up.

Internal components can often vary in quality simply down to entry level cars versus top end cars being fitted with parts of potentially a lesser quality in order to keep costs down. That’s not a suggestion that makers skimp on quality, but rather that entry level cars are built for those that may not need aspects of what higher level cars have for their specific market. Therefore items such as a dashboard that have “blanks” where items in higher level cars may have something fitted may mean they’ll move, squeak, fall out, easier.

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