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Inside and out, a certain scent can tell the driver that a car isn’t healthy.

Smelly Car?

Outside there can be a whiff of something burning, for example. This may be an indication of a wire being exposed and shorting, or of a fluid making its way onto something hot, like a car’s exhaust, or engine block. If there’s an odour that is something steamy, this could be an issue with the engine’s cooling system, be it a pipe leaking, or a mechanical failure in the making such as a water pump or radiator’s structure in imminent danger of collapse.

Inside is always a good source for something a bit whiffy. It’s all too easy for Master or Mistress Youngling to find a tiny crack in the back of a seat, or down the seat’s side, after the last bits of a fast food meal become uninteresting. But there’s also some scents that can indicate an internal issue. Older cars particularly can be susceptible to body joins starting to open up and rain gets in. Wet carpets don’t get to dry and mould grows. That never smells good.

Odours from an air-conditioning system need to be monitored. There can be whiffs of burnt air carrying oil, fluid, or even something musty, which could indicate tree leaves or similar being in areas that feed air through to the interior but haven’t been cleared out.


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