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It’s often difficult to know how to tell car technician what seems to be wrong or needing a check-up on your car. It’s sometimes difficult to remember what you heard, felt or noticed.

Top 5 Tips For Maintenance Between Servicing.

That’s why we’ve come up with our Top 5 Tips for Maintenance Between Servicing.

1. Choose a day every month – make it the first weekend or a specific date, and pop it into your calendar. This will from now on be your Drive Day.

One of the best things a driver can do is to take their car for a good long drive.

Find a quiet road, one that doesn’t transmit a rumble from the tyres into the cabin, turn the radio off, and just drive.

What this will do is to allow any weird, odd or unusual noises from the car to be heard. Is there a clanking or knocking noise as you drive? What about when you change directions, are there noises from the steering? Does the steering itself pull to one side?

Does the gear change in your automatic car seem to take longer than normal? Does the car move to one side when you brake?

2. Check the ground under where you park for leaks coming from the car.

Are there old stains, or is it a new looking puddle of oil?

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3. Take a look at the tyres and check their air pressure. Tyres lose air over time, so it’s a must to regularly check and top up.

4. Check your engine fluid levels. A car’s oil level shouldn’t be left to reach the minimum, it should be checked at least monthly and topped up between servicing if required.

5. Check your windscreen washer fluid and remove any bit of twigs or rubble from the wipers to ensure they can do their job properly whenever the next unexpected downpour happens.

Make a note of anything you feel isn’t quite right and this will help you when it comes to explaining what seems to be up with your car when you bring it in for a service.

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