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When people buy a car, be it new or pre-loved, the tyres will have been cleaned, had protectant put upon them, and will generally look fab. It’s also a fair bet that a pressure check will have been performed.

Tyre Pressure Tips!

The importance of correctly inflated tyres cannot be understated. Each and every tyre will have something in the sidewalls to indicate what the correct pressure is and it’s a fair bet that somewhere inside the car will be a placard with the same information for given conditions.

What’s important here is why. Over inflated tyres can stress the rubber, impacts can fracture the rubber as a result, and handling is affected too. The footprint, or contact area, will be reduced which means reduced grip.

The opposite, under-inflated tyres, can have the same issues. The sidewalls can be compressed harder, and this will leading to heat buildup and potentially excessive flexing of the rubber. This will, like over inflated tyres, lead to fracturing. Handling will be affected, with sluggish response to directional changes, and the footprint is also reduced, with the outsides of the tyre’s tread riding in the road but not the centre section. Ride comfort for both will be compromised, but above all will the safety factor being lowered dramatically.


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