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Water Pumps. Often forgotten but an absolute crucial part of keeping your vehicle cool. Engines are cooled by a coolant, anti-freeze, mixed with water. This mixture moves around your engine and as it’s doing so absorbs some of the heat generated by the engine. The coolant then flows through the radiator being cooled by air on its trip back through the engine. Water pumps are the driving force behind this process.

Water Pumps - The Unsung Hero Of Auto Cooling

You won’t get very far without a working water pump and unfortunately, they are near the top in regard to mechanical failures. With that said, water pumps play a really important role in keeping you and your vehicle on the road.

You may have several questions like ‘Do water pumps just wear out?’ or ‘What causes them to fail?’ Like other consumable parts of your vehicle, after time they do simply, wear out. If you notice a whining or grinding sound coming from your water pump or there’s coolant leaking from the pump itself it’s best to call one of our EuroMechanica workshops and book a time in to have it investigated. The water pump location varies across many vehicles – some with it outside of the engine where it’s visible. In this case a water pump will be controlled by a serpentine belt. In most vehicles where it can’t be seen is when it’s controlled by the timing belt which is usually covered behind the timing belt cover.

If you’re concerned you may have a problem with your water pump and or cooling system or any other aspects of your vehicle, get in touch by clicking the Book Now button at the top of this page, or call to book an appointment today!


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