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Australia is renowned for cycling through a full range of seasonal weather conditions during the winter season and depending on your location could mean you’re facing water or ice on the road, sleet and possibly even snow! Conditions like these can (very quickly) become hazardous for any motorist and whilst a breakdown is never ideal, during winter it can make a breakdown just that much worse.

Winter Warning - Tips To Keep You And Other Drivers Safe This Winter Season

So, how can these changes in our weather affect our winter car care? What can you do to ensure your vehicle is ready for the conditions that will keep you and other motorists safe on the roads during this winter season?

  • Have your vehicle serviced: Your car should be regularly serviced (not just seasonally) by one of our technicians, to make sure it’s at the best condition to be driven but also so that’s it fit to keep you, your passengers and other motorists safe
  • Check your windscreen for cracks: Colder temperatures and or extremes in weather conditions overnight can result in small cracks spreading. Large cracks in windscreens are a driving hazard as they can impair vision and have the potential to shatter.
  • Check your windows and wiper blades: During winter, car windows can fog up, get covered in ice and pelted with torrential rain. If you discover any bends and or broken pieces on your wiper blades, ensure to have them replaced to help keep the rain and moisture off and maximise your visibility whilst driving.

Also make sure the fluid levels in your washer bottles are correct during winter. You may need to use the washer function to remove ice and grit from your windscreens during winter.

You may wish to consider using an anti-fog treatment on your windows to ensure you have adequate visibility.

  • Inspect your tyre tread: As seasonal road conditions vary, knowing that your vehicle’s tyres are ready for the road conditions is a vital winter car care tip. It is illegal to drive a car that has a tyre tread that is less than the indicated depth. Replace your tyres immediately if you discover low tread.

The air pressure in your tyres should always be at the level recommended for your vehicles model. Incorrectly inflated tyres affects the braking range of your car. In wet, winter weather, you want to have the greatest possible braking distance available to you.

  • Check your headlights, brake lights, indicators and fog lights: A tip not just for the winter season. Check that all your vehicle’s lights are in good working order. Visibility can be greatly reduced during the winter season when fog, rain and other conditions come into play. Making sure that your vehicle is visible during these conditions is absolutely crucial in maximising your safety as well as other motorists

Here at Sommer Car Care, we want to keep you and your vehicle safe during the winter season! Simply call us on 3833 9600 or click here to book your next vehicle service today performed by our highly skilled and trained technicians.

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