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Like tyres, the rubber bits on pieces of metal that go back and forth are underrated in what they do.
Brand new, a rubber wiper blade is flexible, unbroken, and, importantly, clean.

Wiper Trouble

Working properly, a wiper blade system will efficiently scrub water and washer fluid from the front glass, move away dirt and dust, and by being clean, won’t scratch the glass with the unseen particles that can eventually leave a very fine haze of scratches that will scatter sunlight and make a driver’s forward view just that much harder to see. 


Blades also come in silicon, by the way, and are designed to last longer and, in some cases, be a harder material for certain applications. If an inspection shows and feels like the blades are hard, brittle, cracking, then it’s definitely time to visit your local car spare parts store and swap for new ones.

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