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Own a turbocharged car? You are most likely damaging it without realising. Discover below how to prevent further damage to your turbo or engine.

You’re Destroying Your Turbocharged Car Without Knowing!

It’s strongly advised by the Sommar Car Care technicians to allow your engine to idle after a drive. This allows fluids to move correctly and consistently to dissipate heat without causing a thermal shock to your turbo.  

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What happens if you don’t let the turbo cool down? As the turbo exceeds the temperature of your engine and engine oil, this creates pressure in the turbo bearing seals due to expanding liquids. This pressure slowly shortens the life of the turbo and could eventually cause the turbo or even your engine to fail; costing you thousands to replace. Don’t worry though, our trained technicians can find signs of wear before it’s too late.

Your driving conditions are directly related to the amount of time required to cool your turbocharged engine. For instance, when you drive gently around town, idling your car for 15 seconds before switching it off should be adequate. On the other note, driving your car hard, on the highway or by putting extra strain on the engine, 40 to 60 seconds of cooling time is required.


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Here at Sommar Car Care, we’re committed to keeping your vehicle running like new, simply call us on 3833 9600 or click here to book your vehicle in for a service by our trusted and skilled technicians. You’re in trusted hands.





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